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The book was inspired by a number of missionaries, including Brainerd. Carey also invoked Elliot and Brainerd to counter another objection: fear of death at the hands of those to whom one was preaching. For Carey, Brainerd exemplified the missionary life. Portions of a diary Carey kept, when he arrived in India, apparently in conscious emulation of Brainerd, have survived, and his respect for Brainered comes out there. In , the London Missionary Society was founded. Bogue published a preliminary appeal for missions in the September issue, and there were frequent reports on the LMS.

The Life And Diary of David Brainerd

When missionary training institutions began to spring up they most frequently turned for instructional inspiration to the writings of the Moravians and the Life of Brainerd. Of only five books in the Gosport Library, one was the life of Brainerd. Student-led mission societies at Scottish universities encouraged their members to read the Life of Brainerd along with those of other missionaries and even to present papers on their readings.

Brainerd was frequently cited and referred to by the mission boards. Fuller has to disappoint him not having a copy.

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Sutcliff obviously did get to read it eventually as it became top of his recommended reading list when anyone asked about missionary work. The official memoir was put together by Fuller. Yet another missionary who died young was Henry Martyn He too wrote warmly of Brainerd.

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On arriving in Calcutta in he wrote. Oh, blessed be the memory of that beloved saint! No uninspired writer ever did me so much good. Aspiring missionaries either wanted to, or quickly learned that they were expected to, incorporate lessons from Brainerd in their applications. Surely, if ever I arrive at the heavenly world, I shall be eagerly desirous of seeing him. One final example of a missionary who died young who was inspired by Brainerd is the martyred Jim Elliot In August he wrote of being in a. If I were honest, my writing would be more in anguish as his is.

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But how cold I have grown, and how careless about it all. In this he explained in detail Indian customs and manners, what he preached to them and the difficulties and successes he knew. He prepared the Journal for the leaders of the missionary society from whom he received financial help. In William Bradford in Philadelphia published these portions for The Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge in the Highlands of Scotland and in popish and infidel parts of the world.

The extracts deal with his work at Crossweeksung June November 4, ; November 24, June 19, The account of great revival became an important instrument in stirring up interest elsewhere in missionary work among native Americans. Both in America and in Britain many eagerly read it. His edition became the standard one, although over the years it has been published many times with various editorial notes and alterations. A complete edition appeared in in Edinburgh and an abridged American edition was published in In the Presbyterian Board of Publications printed an abridgement entitled The Missionary in the Wilderness or Grace displayed among the heathen.

John Wesley included the Life in abridged form in Volume 12 of his collected works Bristol, The abridgement was partly to remove the Calvinism. The diary continues to be in print in various forms.

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It is the edition of this that was reprinted by The Banner of Truth in By Edwards was already a well-known writer. Edwards was about to set to work on his treatise Freedom of the Will when these materials came to hand. Freedom of the Will did not appear until It seems the Brainerd project took priority because Edwards saw it as providing an excellent example of the sort of qualities extolled in his previous book The Religious Affections Perhaps no book by Edwards was to be more significant than his one on Brainerd.

He also omitted phrases he deemed unsuitable for the Christian public. It has been said that Brainerd is the phantom in the background of other works by Edwards. The Life gave a flesh and bones example of the sort of thing that Edwards was commending.

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Taken from John Edwards's popular edited versions of David Brainerd's Diary and Journal , this compilation makes available an inspiring record of a life of self-denial and devotion. Though David Brainerd's years as a missionary were few and his life was cut short by tuberculosis when he was only 29, his story stands today as a testament to walking with God through trials in order to accomplish a greater purpose.

You'll find in both encouragement in the face of hardship and inspiration to carry out the Great Commission.

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Jonathan Edwards — served the Northampton Congregational Church in Massachusetts for twenty-three years, then missionary outpost to the Mohawk and Mohican tribes. Edwards "is widely acknowledged to be America's most important and original philosophical theologian," and one of America's greatest intellectuals.

Five Challenges for Missionaries from the Life and Diary of David Brainerd

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