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Is ‘Nesting’ During Pregnancy a Real Thing? - The Atlantic

Buttons, bows, and other accessories are pretty, but they can turn into choking hazards. Your newborn doesn't care about a fancy wardrobe. Keep baby clothes basic -- easy to clean and easy to access during diaper changes.

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Expensive gadgets. The latest baby gadget might impress your friends, but it isn't necessarily best for your newborn.


For example, diaper wipe warmers pose electrical shock and fire dangers, and sleep positioners can increase the risk of SIDS sudden infant death syndrome. Because I had this newborn going between three separate houses, my focus during pregnancy was on setting up a safe sleep environment in each place. Find more articles, browse back issues, and read the current issue of " WebMD Magazine. Pregnancy Feature Stories.

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Back to Basics When you're caught up in the nesting instinct, it's easy to go overboard. Ask peers questions Share information with your peers and ask them for solutions. Get started Find tutorials, documentation, troubleshooting, and more. Learn more Get inspired with hands-on projects and how-to-videos.

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  • 10 Signs That the Nesting Stage of Pregnancy Has Officially Struck.
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