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All the batts will be hand dyed and will be especially made for the members of IxCHeL funky bunny Club! Every month you will receive a HUGE luxury funky bunny batt! Hahn and Sandler have been a couple for more than 25 years — she jokes that they started sharing a dorm room in college and just never stopped — but the centripetal force that has kept them together, she thinks, is an openness to adaptation, to big swerves. Sex means something different now. Eve is like a volcano in dormancy after years of self-sacrifice. She works at a senior-living facility, where she spends most of her day listening to octogenarians complain about sciatica.

She has forgotten about her own youth, her own potential for reinvention. But then something inside begins to rumble. In the pilot episode, a man with dementia gets in trouble at the senior center for watching an X-rated video on the lounge computer. Eve gives him a stern warning, but secretly she is intrigued by the concept of free online smut. Her apartment feels so empty now that her son is gone, and she tries to find things to do — she makes herself a nice dinner, takes a bubble bath, smokes a cigarette in the bubble bath — but she realizes she is bored, and more surprising, that she is horny.

She slips into bed, wearing her glasses, and flips open her laptop.


At first, she is repulsed by the images. But then — focusing her conspiratorial gaze on herself — she decides to click. She sees a naked woman, slams her computer down, before soon picking it up again, slowly. Then I completely can worry about the acting of it and can worry about being present. Hahn and Warden, whose job is a mix of movement coach, sex adviser and sentinel, spent a long time discussing and creating the ideal conditions in which Hahn could feel free to explore a kaleidoscopic range of sexual ideas, from floor positions to moaning techniques. Not performative or titillating but willing to find the truth, even if it is awkward or embarrassing.

The sexiness! In the second episode, Eve has to expel Roy, the porn-watcher with dementia played by the theater veteran Bill Raymond, from the home for being disruptive. I watched from a monitor as Hahn delivered seven perfect, wordless takes for the scene, showcasing her gift for blending humor and pathos; each offered the director, Liesl Tommy, a slightly different flavor of devastation. Another director shooting Hahn that day was Carrie Brownstein, 9 who is an actor and a writer, as well as the guitarist in the punk band Sleater-Kinney.

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Franz Schubert: Schwanengesang, D. Megregor playing his violin, via the music he is playing along to. Time Bomb Rancid. Do Your Thing Basement Jaxx. Thomas goes to the countrey. In a Big Country Big Country. When Thomas is cleaning.

Very- I repeat, very life changing. Love Love Love Avalanche City. The montage when Thomas and Bea spend time together and fall in love. The rabbits are not happy. Remember The Name Fort Minor. Peter and Thomas starting the war for Bea's love. I don't think the bad words are included. Cousins Vampire Weekend. Peter sets bear traps in Tom McGreger's room who then wakes up. He gets his body stuck in the traps. Peter used elecrticity against Thomas.

He sets up electric fences, and gets shocked by his door. Fight Song Rachel Platten. Bea paints while listening to a song.

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