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We will strive to continue sourcing products which are your everyday essentials, yet without the chemicals, thus creating a sense of one-stop shop. We also have stumbled across many who struggle with social isolation, in a growing world of technology. In return, we would offer character references, placement options to specialist schools and a certification of Thank You. A certification ceremony would be held once per season, to celebrate the seasonal changes as well as those VIP volunteers, who gave up their time to come and assist with the shop.

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Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to update you with our humble beginnings! Story to be continued! Increasingly national government is the anchor of the global order see figure 1. The reason is not difficult to fathom. Firstly, democratic politics now has so many unpredictable non-scripted off-side actors challenging the failed policies that led to the global meltdown.

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All markets are comprised of nonnegotiable goods such as social justice, trust, authority and democratic values; there are also mixed goods partially negotiable on the open market and partly provided by the state including education, health, transportation, protection of the environment, and culture as a strategic resource; then there are negotiable goods that the individual purchases from wages or income and can be transferred from one owner to another. In the US model compared to other market economies, there are very few nonnegotiable goods compared to the EU, India, China and Brazil.

In the US model number one place is given to market goods and private transactions between consumers. So in the American economy negotiable goods are the dominant category of economic transactions. To a surprising degree, for many across the globe the neoconservative American model exists as an ideal type with its prominent features.

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It has by international standards a very small role for the state as a provider of public goods, supports a pervasive presence of corporations and private philanthropy, promotes mass consumption for the middle class and has institutionalized a large role for lawyers and courts as well as police. It is everywhere in everyday life; private transactions define the American identity and much of their politics as well. By contrast the public sphere has been dismantled and retrenched during the last three decades.

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In the Anglo-Saxon model the nonmarket society is on the defensive and fighting for its life. Until the global crisis in the core economies of Europe, wages were more directly tied to worker productivity through collective bargaining and fixed pay levels, employer contributions and extensive job security; all had to be negotiated at the industry level rather than tied narrowly to the swings of the business cycle. It is a paradox of course that the global South had too few and not enough market goods to escape poverty. Across the global South housing, transportation, education and health services are scarce commodities.

There is not enough employment and there is too little investment. Much of the infrastructure is inadequate to build a strong, broad path for development and growth. It is easy to see why the under resourced public has permitted markets to reach behind the porous walls of the nation-state and people in their communities.

Consequently and paradoxically the market for goods and the market for public goods have both each grown in response to very different imperatives, but private transactions now drive the Chinese economy under the leadership of the state and the Communist Party. What remains the critical question and test is whether the rule of law will extend to the authority of the Party and government apparatus. The rule of law could be the panacea to the many complex issues facing the Party.

It is conceivable that political power will be deeply constitutionalized at some point in the future in order to preserve the role of the Party as the singular authority in society. A powerful group of inner Party elites oppose such fundamental change. Enjoy a natural moisturizer delivered without unnecessary packaging in a "zero waste" outlook. From our natural olive oil soap, to our powder deodorant and Miswak toothpaste, to the soap flakes to make your homemade laundry mix. We make sure to carefully check each and every product we send you, paying particular attention to their packaging and labeling.

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We are delighted to receive your thankfully positive feedback each day and to read your comments and emails. And, of course, we continuously look for new natural and eco-friendly products that will change and even revolutionize your daily routine! Of course, for environmental and economical reasons, we can only encourage you to combine your orders by buying the various products you need together.

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We believe that transparency is one of the key foundations of our business.

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