Manual Am I Sleeping with the Enemy?: Males and Females in the Image of God

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All these dream-brothers the old god passed by and chose Morpheus alone to undertake Thaumantias' [Iris'] commands; then in sweet drowsiness on his high couch he sank his head to sleep. Virgil, Aeneid 6. Fairclough Roman epic C1st B. In the midst an elm, shadowy and vast, spreads her boughs and aged arms, the whome which, men say, false Somnia Dreams [Oneiroi] hold, clinging under every leaf.

Seneca, Hercules Furens ff trans. Miller Roman tragedy C1st A. The leaves shudder, black with gloomy foliage where sluggish Sopor Sleep [Hypnos] clings to the overhanging yew, where sad Fames Hunger [Limos] lies with wasted jaws, and Pudor Shame [Aidos], too late, hides her guilt-burdened face. Seneca, Hercules Furens ff : "[Herakles Heracles is driven mad by Hera and the chorus prays for his deliverance :] O free his soul from such monstrous ills, free him, ye gods, and turn to better things his darkened spirit. And do thou, O Somnus Sleep [Hypnos,], vanquisher of woes, rest of the soul, the better part of human life, thou winged son of thy mother Astraea [i.

Nyx the Night], sluggish brother of cruel Mors Death [Thanatos], thou who dost mingle false with true, sure yet gloomy guide to what shall be; O thou [Somnus-Hypnos], who art peace after wanderings, haven of life, day's respite and night's comrade, who comest alike to king and slave, who doest compel the human race, trembling at death, to prepare for unending night--sweetly and gently soothe his weary spirit; hold him fast bound in heavy stupor; let slumber chain his untamed limbs, and leave not his savage breast until his former mind regain its course.

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Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 8. Mozley Roman epic C1st A. But on her side the Colchian ceases not to foam with hellish poisons and to sprinkle all the silences of Lethe's Forgetfulness' bough : exerting her spells she constrains his reluctant eyes, exhausting all her Stygian power of hand and tongue, until sleep gains the mastery over his blazing ire.

And now the high crest sinks, now the head is nodding overpowered and the huge neck has slipped from around the fleece it guarded. Statius, Thebaid 1. Statius, Thebaid 2. Statius, Thebaid 6. Statius, Thebaid 5. Wives and daughters are awake for murder.

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Statius, Thebaid Obedient to command, the bright goddess leaves the pole and wings her way down her long arc to earth. Beyond the cloud-wrapt chambers of western gloom and Aethiopia's other realm [i. Otia Ease and Silentia Silence with folded wings sit mute in the forecourt and drive the blustering winds from the roof-top, and forbid the branches to sway, and take away their warblings from the birds. No roar of the sea is here, though all the shores be sounding, nor yet of the sky; the very torrent that runs down the deep valley nigh the cave is silent among the rocks and boulders; by its side are sable herds, and sheep reclining one and all upon the ground; the fresh buds wither, and a breath from the earth makes the grasses sink and fail.

Within, glowing Mulciber [Hephaistos] had carved a thousand likenesses of the god: here wreathed Voluptas Pleasure clings to his side, here Labor Labour [Ponos] drooping to repose bears him company, here he shares a couch with Bacchus [Dionysos], there with Amor Love [Eros], the child of Mars [Ares]. Further within, in the secret places of the palace he lies with Mors Death [Thanatos] also, but that dread image is seen by none. These are but pictures: he himself beneath humid caverns rests upon coverlets heaped with slumberous flowers, his garments reek, and the cushions are warm with his sluggish body, and above the bed a dark vapour rises from his breathing mouth.

One hand holds up the locks that fall from his left temple, from the other drops his neglected horn. V ague Somnia Dreams [Oneiroi] of countless shapes stand round about him, true mixed with false, flattering with sad, the dark brood of Nox Night [Nyx], and cling to beams and doorposts, or lie on the ground.

Am I Sleeping With The Enemy Males And Females In The Image Of God

The light about the chamber is weak and fitful, and languid gleams that woo to earliest slumbers vanish as the lamps flicker and dim. Hither from the blue sky came in balanced flight the varicoloured maid [Iris the rainbow]; the forests shine out, and the shady glens smile upon the goddess, and smitten with her zones of radiance the palace stars from its sleep; but he himself, awoken neither by the bright glow nor by the sound or voice of the goddess, lay motionless as ever, till Thaumantias [Iris] shot at him all her splendours and sank deep into his drowsy vision.

Grant so solemn a request--rarely is this opportunity vouchsafed, to win the favour of Jove [Zeus] with Juno [Hera] on thy side. He with his own nodding visage nods assent to the goddess' command; o'er-weighted with the caverns' gloom Iris goes forth, and tricks out her beams, made dim by showers of rain. Himself too he bestirred both swift progress and his wind-torn temples [i. The wind of his coming sets birds and beasts and cattle prostrate on the ground, and, whatsoever region of the world he passes in his flight, the waves slide languidly from the rocks, more lazily cling the clouds, the forests bow their summits, and many a star drops from the loosened vault of heaven.

The plain first felt the god's presence by the sudden coming of a mist, and the countless voices and cries of men were hushed; but when he brooded with his dewy wings and entered the camp, unsubstantial as a pitchy shadow, eyes wavered and heads sank, and words were left unfinished in mid-speech. Next shining bucklers and cruel spears are dropped from their hands, their faces fall in weariness upon their breasts. And now universal silence reigns: even the horn-footed steeds refuse to stand, even the fires are quenched in sudden ashes.

But slumber woos not the anxious Greeks [the Argives attacked Thebes] to same repose, and the night-wandering, persuasive deity keeps his mists from the camp hard by; on every side they stand to arms, in wrath at the hateful gloom and their foes' proud sentinels. Statius, Achilleid 1. Statius, Silvae 1. Mozley Roman poetry C1st A. Colluthus, Rape of Helen ff trans. Mair Greek poetry C5th to C6th A.

And wandering amid the deceits of Oneiroi Dreams she fancied that she saw her mother. Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. Rouse Greek epic C5th A. Nonnus, Dionysiaca 5. Nonnus, Dionysiaca The maiden lost her maidenhood, slumbering still; she saw Hypnos as marshal of the Erotes Loves , and as servant of winedecieved nuptials.

Seek also about seagirt Lemnos, and if you find him tell him to charm the eyes of Zeus uncharmable for one day, that I may help the Indians. But change your shape, take the ugly form of Hypnos' mother the blackgirdled goddess Nyx Night ; take a false name and become darkness. Promise him Pasithea for his bride, and let him do my need from desire of her beauty. I need not tell you that one lovesick will do anything for hope.


She found him on the slopes of nuptial Orkhomenos Orchomenus [home of the Kharites Charites ]; for there he delayed again and trailed his distracted foot, a frequent visitor at the door of his beloved [the Kharis Charis ] Pasithea. Then Iris changed her shape, and all unseen she put on the look of dark Nyx Night unrecognisable.

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O Hypnos, why are you named Allvanquisher? If it be your pleasure, pray turn your eye, and you shall perceive Kronion wakeful once again through the night in sevengate Thebes. Let me not see Zeus yet wakeful for a fourth night. Pity the blackskin nation of earthborn Indians! Grant this boon. O Blackwing! Do not provoke Gaia Gaea, Earth , my [Nyx's] father's [Khaos' Chaos' ] agemate, from whom alone we are all sprung, we who dwell in Olympos.

Do but flap me your wings, and Zeus lies immovable on unshaken bed, so long as you command him, Hypnos! I have heard that you want one of the Kharites Charites ; then if you have in your heart an itch for her bedchamber, have a care! Do not provoke Pasithea's mother, Hera the handmaid of wedded love! And if you dwell with Tethys by the Leukadia White Rock, do help Deriades the son of Indian Hydaspes: be true to a neighbour, for resounding Okeanos Oceanus your loud-voiced neighbour was an ancestor of Deriades.

Then Hypnos as one obeying a mother started up, and swore to charm the eyes of unresting Zeus even until the third dawn should come; but Iris begged him to fasten Kronion Cronion with slumber for the course of one day only. There Hypnos remained, awaiting the happy season of marriage. Then goddess Iris returned flying at speed and hastened to deliver her welcome message to her queen.

Thus there was natural covering for the loves of Zeus and his fairarmed bride as they mated there in the open hills, and there was the shape of a couch self-formed to serve their need. Zeus slept delicately charmed among the flowers, holding his wife in his arms on that bed unseen. Ah, I know why your cheeks are pale: shadowy Hypnos Sleep , the vagabond, woos you as a bridegroom woos a maid! I will not compel you if you are unwilling; I will not join Hypnos the blackskin to Pasithea the lilywhite! He understood the beguiling trick of Hera the mischiefmaker when he saw the Seilenoi Silens [ in the army of Dionysos] in flight, when he saw the Bakkhante Bacchante women hurrying in herds from the threeways and the walls, and behind them the Indian chieftain Deriades, cutting down Satyroi Satyrs and mowing down women.

Then Zeus disclosed Hera's mischievous contrivance, and reproached his deceitful consort with stinging words.